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Emma Cares


Emma gives you insight into how things are going with you and can help you to manage your illness or affliction. Emma is there for you. When you do measurements or answer questions, you can find them in your app or on your personal dashboard. You can grant your health professionals or loved ones permission to see your progress, so they can support and advise you. Emma Cares.

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Medicine Men


Medicine Men believes that people are capable of managing their own condition and health, as long as they are properly provided with the right information and as long as they can change their habits based on this information. When your health has become vulnerable, a well-informed and connected network of loved ones and professionals can provide you with the best possible care and support.

The right help and information when you need it

Products & Services

To the right you can see our products for self-care. Press the button below and contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for on the website.


A certified self-management platform that helps you to manage our illness and connects you to all people who can support you.


You get more insight into your blood pressure and you stay in control of your own health. Simple, trustworthy and accessible.

Emma Medication

Never forget your medication again. Emma Medication has won the Dutch Vodafone Mobiles for Good Award within a field of over 200 entries.

Emma Activity Coach

Physical activity has a lot of benefits, but it is not always easy. The Emma Activity Coach helps you to reach and maintain your own personal activity goals.


PGO1 is the Personal Health environment of the developers of the Emma platform. You can see all your medical data in one place and share it. PGO1 is Medmij certified.

MedMijISO 27001NEN 7510CE
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