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EmmaCOPD is a CE Medical Device certified self-management platform that connects you with all the people who can support you in managing your disease. You will receive a smartwatch, with which you can gain insight into your movement activity and sleeping pattern. An important part of EmmaCOPD is the Digital Lung Attack Action Plan (DigiLAP). In this way there is more insight into your symptom course and future exacerbations can be predicted and prevented.

The Lung Fund and the Long Alliance Netherlands encourage the use by patients of the lung attack action plan. Early intervention usually means preventing a more serious lung attack. EmmaCOPD includes a digital workflow (DigiLAP), in which the patient goes through the steps of the lung attack action plan with an app. An additional advantage is that healthcare providers gain insight into the course of the disease and mild lung attacks at home.

With EmmaCOPD you reduce the chance of a lung attack

The following modules together form EmmaCOPD.


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Recognize and prevent a lung attack with the DigiLAP. This way you always have the proven lung attack action plan with you.

Emma Activiteitencoach

Exercise with COPD? The Emma Activity Coach helps you to achieve and keep track of your exercise goals.


The award-winning medication alarm function that was successfully deployed by the AMC in 2017 for patients with a chronic disease.


You are connected to your buddy and healthcare provider. These people can watch and receive signals when help or support is needed.


Recognize and prevent a lung attack

DigiLAP stands for Digital Lung Attack Action Plan: a digital version of the lung attack action plan. The lung attack action plan was developed at UMC Utrecht and is intended to recognize a starting lung attack earlier and to take the right action in time so that you do not end up in hospital. This action plan works with 4 phases, which are characterized by a color, from good to serious: green, yellow, orange and red. The colors give an indication of how you are doing. The DigiLAP ensures that you always have the lung attack action plan with you on your phone and keeps track of which zone of the action plan you are in.


Help with adherence

Unfortunately, there are no medicines that can cure COPD, but there are medicines that make you feel less stuffy and that you cough less. Medicines ensure that your lung function improves. They reduce the chance that your symptoms will suddenly get worse. That is why it is important to take your medication regularly and correctly. Read more about the importance of adherence to COPD.

Emma Activity Coach

Exercise with COPD offers many benefits

Exercise with COPD? Maybe you shouldn’t think about it. When you start exercising, you are more anxious in the beginning. That’s why sports don’t seem like an option for you. Nevertheless, exercise in the long term pays off. You get a better condition and are less prone to a lung attack. It is certainly not easy, but it is worth it. In addition, by exercising we do not mean that you are going to run the marathon. All forms of exercise are good. You are the best judge of what you can and cannot do. It is especially important to practice a way of moving that you feel comfortable with, then you are more likely to keep moving. The Emma Activity Coach then helps you to achieve and keep track of your exercise goals.


Let your buddy and caregiver watch

Emma is a cloud-based system that allows you to add people to your own community. This includes your care providers (such as the lung specialist or the physiotherapist) and your loved ones (such as children, partners and friends). You are in control and can give people permission to join your community. All community members can view your data. This way they can give you that support when you need it. You can withdraw your consent and remove a person from your community at any time.

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