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measure blood pressure at home with your doctor

EmmaHBPM is a self-management platform that connects you with all the people who can support you in managing your high blood pressure. You take reliable blood pressure measurements with a Microlife blood pressure monitor and you can add your GP and a buddy (eg a family member) to your personal community, where your measurement data can be shared. EmmaHBPM helps you to gain more insight into your blood pressure and to keep control of your health.

EmmaHBPM supports you in monitoring your blood pressure data. You can connect the Microlife blood pressure monitor to the Emma app. If you have taken blood pressure measurements, you can view your blood pressure data in our mobile app in a graph and a table, both on your smartphone and on your computer dashboard.

More control over your blood pressure with EmmaHBPM

Here you can see the success factors of EmmaHBPM.

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Microlife blood pressure monitor

Simple and reliable measurement of your blood pressure.


This way your loved ones can give you a helping hand when you need it.

The Emma 6 app

Always access to your measurements and contact with the healthcare professional.


Benefits for you

Take a blood pressure reading

For more information about taking a blood pressure measurement, see the video “How do you measure your blood pressure?” from UMC Utrecht (Dutch).

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