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EmmaCOPD becomes SmartCOPD

Before the introduction of Viduet, many applications on the Emma platform had their own names. Well-known product names include: EmmaHBPM, EmmaCOPD, Emma Diabetes and Emma Asthma. To avoid confusion, it was decided not to use product names with the name Emma in them after the introduction of Viduet.

EmmaCOPD, however, is a product with a great identity of its own. Indeed, this product has gained a lot of national and international name recognition over the years. Indeed, EmmaCOPD has been listed as the most effective intervention for preventing lung attacks and hospitalization days (79%) since the Leiden UMC’s multi-year effectiveness study.

With the introduction of the name Viduet, we would also like to introduce the new name for EmmaCOPD: SmartCOPD. With the name SmartCOPD replacing EmmaCOPD and no longer using product names for our other interventions, we want to make it clear that SmartCOPD is a scientifically proven intervention with its own identity. With the name SmartCOPD, we are trying to ensure that this validated intervention, previously known as EmmaCOPD, is not confused with our other COPD care modules.

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