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Emma Cares

Self-care with a professional support network

The Emma self-care platform supports health professionals with the diagnosis and treatment of their patients. Our goal is that patients take care of themselves whenever possible and that they eventually get helped or coached by their loved ones. Your patient is given more control and you have more time available to discuss his/her progress. 

MedMijISO 27001NEN 7510CE

Medicine Men


Medicine Men has built self-care solutions with a focus on patients with a chronic illness since 2012. Our Emma platform provides patients, clients and people who are rehabilitating with the right information to better manage their illness, affliction or (temporary) handicap.


Our vision is that everything that the patient can do by themselves should be done by the patient. A patient who is in charge is more independent and due to this increased control has a better grip on life and a more positive attitude. Our software should assist patients to take the right decisions, but will also – if they are not able to – quickly get support of their loved ones and health professionals if necessary.

The right help and information when you need it

Products & Services

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Emma Research

Emma Research is a clinical research platform that supports researchers in trials and pilot studies, where medical data of test subjects is collected remotely, through both sensors, wearables and validated questions and questionnaires.

Emma Platform

All Emma applications and modules are an integral part of the Emma cloud platform. Health professionals and health organisations are safely and easily connected to their patients through Emma.


A CE Medical Device certified self-management platform for COPD patients. You have more insight into the course of the symptom of individual patients and you can predict and/or prevent future exacerbations.


EmmaHBPM gives you more insight into the blood pressure data of your patients and makes it easier for you to determine of and how much medication your patient with hypertension needs.

Emma Medication

Emma Medication supports users of medication (people with chronic illness or that need to follow an important treatment) to take their medication on time.

Emma Activity Coach

Patients wear a smartwatch that sends step data through to the Cloud in real time. It’s applicable in all situations were a patient needs to move enough, more or even less. From one patient to hundreds.


PGO1 is the Personal Health environment of the developers of the Emma platform. Patients get their data from your HIS or ZIS and can share their medical data with you. PGO1 is Medmij certified.

MedMijISO 27001NEN 7510CE
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