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Field of application


Field of application


The Emma Platform is deployable in many fields of application within healthcare. 

With Emma patients and their health professionals work together optimally in managing the afflictions of the patient. When they have been included in their own health care path, patients can connect new health professionals themselves. There are no limits of location or organisation. Because patients are in control and are highly self-sufficient within Emma, the therapy adherence of a lot of patients increases. 

The Emma platform in your field of application

Emma is applicable in the following fields of application.


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The Emma platform provides your hospital with multiple efficient and user-friendly functionalities. The Emma platform supports all your departments, all health professionals within defined care paths of your choosing and all interventions.

General practitioners

Healthcare is changing. Activities that take place within the hospital now will partially be moved towards the first line within the next couple of years. The patient will also be left in charge more in the next couple of years, where you, as their general practitioner, will often be the first point of contact when the patient cannot figure it out themselves.


Do you know if your patients move enough between their visits to your practice? With an advanced Fitbit smartwatch as our basis we have developed the Emma Activity Coach, an application which the patients use to coach themselves and, if necessary, where they can be supported by their caretaker.

Care at home/Elderly care

Emma helps clients in managing their chronic illness. Family and health professionals have an important role in supporting these clients. Emma warns them in situations where things are not quite right.

Network Care/Chain care/Right care at the right place

A part of health care that takes place within the hospital now will partially be moved towards the first line within the next couple of years or even be moved towards the patient and his/her caretakers. Emma assists in the shift from health care to other health professionals or towards the home of the patients without any loss of quality of patient safety or support.


Emma Research is a clinical research platform that supports researchers in trials and pilot studies, where medical data of test subjects is collected remotely, through both sensors, wearables and validated questions and questionnaires.

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