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Application areas

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Application areas

Viduet provides a platform for multiple application areas

Viduet can be used in many areas of application within healthcare.

With Viduet, patients and their healthcare providers collaborate optimally in managing the patient’s health. The platform is centralized around the patient, making it easy to involve healthcare providers from different organizations into the digital care pathways that Viduet can provide. There are no limits on location or organization in this regard.

Viduet provides a platform for multiple application areas

Viduet can be used in the following application areas. Take a look at the underlying pages for more info about each application area.

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With 40 existing care pathways already in place, Viduet is deployable throughout the hospital. Where every organization is different, Viduet offers the ability to easily customize care pathways to meet the needs of your department or hospital. With Viduet, you save time by responsibly giving your patients more control.

General Practice

Viduet is a self-management platform that helps general practitioners, assistants and practice managers to set up chronic care in a future-proof way. With Viduet, you give your chronically ill patients more control over their health. This leaves your team with more time for medically substantive matters.

Integrated Care

The architecture of the Viduet platform is ideally suited for establishing transmural care pathways. This not only facilitates referrals between primary and secondary care organizations, but also promotes the entire collaboration between healthcare organizations within a region.

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