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Monitor your patients remotely with COVID-19 and take appropriate and timely actions

Viduet helps you set up your patients’ care pathways with COVID-19, as efficiently as possible. This way, you’ll gain a better understanding of your patient’s health, and you can spend your time as efficiently as possible. Together with your patient, you can create a personalized care program using different care modules. Check out our care modules for COVID-19 below.

Save time within your general practice with Viduet

  • Interoperable with HIS
  • More efficient consultations
  • Understanding measurement fidelity
  • Personalized care

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COVID-19 home monitoring

Keep the patient out of the hospital using home monitoring.

COVID-19 home monitoring

Keep patient out of hospital using home monitoring

With this care module, Viduet offers the ability to monitor and treat patients with COVID-19 while they stay at home. When patients are stable enough, they can be kept out of the hospital with home monitoring.

Patients are monitored at home for oxygen saturation, body temperature, respiratory rate and relevant symptoms. If desired, Viduet also offers the ability to monitor patients for glucose day curves. To perform all these measurements, the patient receives Viduet-connected measuring devices. Patients measure at agreed-upon measurement times and easily sync their measurements in the Viduet app. For monitoring for symptoms, the patient completes daily questionnaires.

Once threshold values for symptoms or readings are exceeded, patients and caregivers are immediately alerted in the desired manner. In this way, immediate and appropriate action can be taken as soon as the situation calls for it.

If desired, it is also possible to involve a medical service center in the monitoring. Nurse centralists can then monitor patients remotely and contact the caregiver as soon as the situation calls for it. This may be a way to use home monitoring even more efficiently.

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