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Losing weight & exercise

Losing weight & exercise

coach patients to a healthier lifestyle

Viduet helps you set up your patients’ care pathways as efficiently as possible. This way, you’ll gain a better understanding of your patient’s health, and you can spend your time as efficiently as possible. Together with your patient, you can create a personalized care program using different care modules. Care modules focused on exercise and weight loss can easily be combined with other care modules for diabetes, asthma, COPD and CVRM, for example. Learn more about the care modules that can be used to help patients lose weight and move more.

With the Viduet Waste and Move care module, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals can remotely coach their patients to get enough daily exercise. Special software on the Fitbit Versa smartwatch supports patients in meeting goals agreed upon with their practitioner. Informal caregivers are notified via text message when their family member needs a helping hand. See below the Waste and move care module.

Save time within your general practice with Viduet

  • Interoperable with HIS
  • More efficient consultations
  • Understanding measurement fidelity
  • Personalized care

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Losing weight with Viduet

More visibility into weight, BMI and the weight loss process.

Activity Coach

Coach the patient to adopt an optimal movement pattern.

Losing weight with Viduet

Greater visibility into weight, BMI and the weight-loss process

When you want to guide patients to lose weight, you can choose to use the weight monitoring care module. Within this care module, the patient receives a scale linked to Viduet. Because all weight measurements are sent directly to Viduet, you get a reliable picture of the patient’s weight and BMI.

In addition, a questionnaire can be sent at desired times that can help the patient to actively work on their weight goals, stop smoking and/or stop drinking alcohol. That way you get a better picture of the process and can help the patient lose weight in a targeted way.

This care module combines well with the Activity Coach. This way, you not only gain insight into weight and BMI, but you can also coach the patient in a targeted way to exercise more.

Activity Coach

Coach the patient to adopt an optimal movement pattern

Exercise is an important factor that can affect patients’ health. Using the Activity Coach care module, you will ensure that your patient is coached to adopt optimal movement patterns. 

When you choose to deploy the Activity Coach, the patient will track their movement patterns through the smartwatch. Using our specially developed software for this smartwatch, patients will be coached throughout the day to move within the ranges set by their healthcare provider.


This care module can easily be combined with coaching by a physical therapist. In that case, the physical therapist can set the optimal bandwidths and adjust them as needed. Through a smart algorithm, Viduet recognizes when the patient moves out of bandwidth for an extended period of time. Viduet can then also inform the physical therapist in the desired manner so that the set bandwidths can be revised if necessary.

Many treatment programs have one or two treatment sessions per week. 

The Activity Coach developed by Medicine Men helps patients exercise more, less or enough. The software for the Fitbit Versa smartwatch supports the patient throughout the day in meeting agreed-upon goals. Clinicians can adjust individual step goals interactively with the patient, as well as use a special A.I. algorithm that suggests adjustments to the patient based on the past period.

“We received the complaint from many physical therapists that patients seem to move little between weekly sessions, but have no idea how little. With the activity coach, we have now developed an elegant combination of greater insight into what a patient does during the week and an advanced coaching program that continues invisibly between sessions.”

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