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Pregnancy hypertension

insight into blood pressure values

Viduet helps you to design the care pathways of your patients with gestational hypertension, as efficiently as possible. This will give you more insight into your patient’s health, and allow you to spend your time as efficiently as possible. Together with your patient, you can create a personalized care program using different care modules.

With Viduet you save time within your hospital

  • Interoperable with EHR
  • More efficient consultations
  • Insight into measurement compliance
  • Personalized care

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Pregnancy hypertension monitoring

Monitor patients with pregnancy hypertension on blood pressure and relevant symptoms.

Pregnancy hypertension monitoring

With this care module, Viduet allows patients with gestational hypertension to be intensively monitored on blood pressure and relevant symptoms. Patients regularly measure their blood pressure and synchronize these values via bluetooth in the Viduet app. As soon as the patient measures a blood pressure that is too high, a questionnaire about their health will be asked immediately in the Viduet app. As soon as the threshold values for blood pressure and/or symptoms are exceeded, hospital and/or patient will be informed immediately in the appropriate manner. In this way, appropriate action can be taken in a timely manner and time can be saved in the administration of these values.

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