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Heart failure

The architecture of the Viduet platform is perfectly suited to transmural care pathways. This allows easy referral of patients between primary and secondary care. Viduet helps you to set up the integrated care pathways of patients with heart failure, as efficiently as possible. This way, all caregivers involved will have a better understanding of their patient’s health, and everyone can spend their time as efficiently as possible. See below our care modules for heart failure that can be used in integrated care networks.

Increase the efficiency of care within your region with Viduet

  • Easy referrals between primary and secondary care organizations
  • Interoperable with many different EHR systems
  • Personalized care

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Heart failure regional

Integrated care for patients with heart failure.

Activity coach

Coach patients to adopt optimal movement patterns.

Heart rate diagnostics

Diagnosing atrial fibrillation.

Heart failure regional

integrated care for patients with heart failure.

With the Heart Failure Regional care module, different healthcare providers within the region can further coordinate the care they provide to patients with heart failure. With this care module, Viduet enables remote monitoring of patients with heart failure. Patients with heart failure are given more direction in the self-management of their health. Through home measurements, Viduet makes it possible to gain better insight into the course of disease and to take appropriate action immediately in the event of any deterioration.


Within the Heart Failure Regional Care Module, patients regularly measure their weight, blood pressure and, where appropriate, oxygen saturation at home. The patient also completes a questionnaire on a regular basis. The measurements are performed with Viduet-connected measuring equipment. Patients measure at the requested measurement moments and easily synchronize their measurements in the Viduet app. Once threshold values for symptoms or readings are exceeded, patients and caregivers are immediately alerted in the desired manner. In this way, immediate and appropriate action can be taken as soon as the situation calls for it.


Through the Heart Failure Regional Care Module, Viduet enables hospitals, general practices, home care organizations, physiotherapists, medical service centers and informal caregivers to work together around the patient. The architecture of the Viduet platform allows these kind of regional collaborations. The image below shows schematically how Viduet enables such collaborations.

Viduet makes it easy to appropriately involve each involved health care provider in the patient’s care pathway. First, all involved caregivers are easily added to the patient’s community. Then, with a single button-press in the personal care program, caregivers can prepare a complete care pathway, including the desired settings for handling signals, for a new patient. In this way, the patient’s care pathway can also be easily converted at any time. This allows patients who are referred between primary and secondary care to be easily transitioned to their new care pathway.

Activity coach

Coach patients to adopt optimal movement patterns

Exercise is an important factor that can influence the disease course of heart failure patients. Using the Activity Coach care module, you ensure that the patient is coached to adopt optimal movement patterns. Thus, the patient is coached, without overexerting himself, to still move enough to promote the rehabilitation process.

When you choose to deploy the Activity Coach, the patient will track their movement patterns through the smartwatch. Using our specially developed software for this smartwatch, the patient will be coached throughout the day to move within the ranges set by their healthcare provider, even if the patient moves too much.

This care module can easily be combined with coaching by a physical therapist. In that case, the physical therapist can set the optimal bandwidths and adjust them as needed. Through a smart algorithm, Viduet recognizes when the patient moves out of bandwidth for an extended period of time. Viduet can then also inform the physical therapist and patient in the desired manner so that the set bandwidths can be revised if necessary.

Heart rate diagnostics

Diagnose suspected atrial fibrillation

With this care module, Viduet allows patients who have symptoms consistent with atrial fibrillation to independently perform ECG measurements at the times when they experience symptoms. Patients are loaned a 6-lead ECG device for this purpose. This compact device is linked via bluetooth to the Viduet app. After the measurement, the ECG is immediately visible in Viduet for the caregiver. In this way, Viduet offers the ability to reliably diagnose atrial fibrillation.

This care module fits well within a heart failure transmural network. Once GPs or home care providers see a patient with suspected or atrial fibrillation, this module can be used immediately to diagnose heart failure. The ECG results can be shared via Viduet with the cardiologists in the hospital, but are also immediately available to other healthcare providers. This is a great example of how Viduet can facilitate transmural collaboration within the region.

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