New activity app in Emma is being tested by COPD patients at home

 By combining self-management, support by the caretaker and telemonitoring from the hospital, they expect a 25% reduction in the number of exacerbations. Medicine Men received a European Crosscare subsidy for launching the project MijnCOPD, an initiative that fits with the COPD-LAN project, started by cooperating partners in WestWest.

Patients with severe COPD are often hospitalized multiple times a year.  In order to reduce the number of exacerbations with 25%, the project MijnCOPD was started.  By recognizing exacerbation symptoms early on and by the use of a program that stimulates physical activity, the patient starts to develop a better physical condition. This causes the chances of an exacerbation to decrease.  Within the physical activity program the patient is supported by his/her caretaker and physiotherapist. Together with the patient the activity goals are set.

A smart watch

A number of patients gets to make use of Emma thanks to the subsidy. They will receive the Pebble smartwatch which is in contact with the cartaker of the patient and the pulmonary department of the Bravis hospital. The patient can see on the smartwatch if he/she is reaching the set activity goals. These goals were remotely set by the physiotherapist. Is the patient not able to move enough, then Emma will warn the cartaker and if necessary the pulmonary department of the hospital. This way the patient, caretaker and health professional can proactively act, before an exacerbation takes place. Next to a better condition, this will give the patient a better quality of life.


Various health professionals from West-Brabant are working together in WestWest on a healthcare path for COPD patients. The goal is to give patient better orchestrated healthcare after a severe exacerbation. Together with Long Alliantie Nederland a nationwide healthcare program is being tested. The healthcare path COPD will lead to a new healthcare standard in the entire country in 2018.  The part of EmmaCOPD is an initiative of pulmonary doctors of the Bravis Hospital. The platform is being developed in cooperation with the makers of Emma, the WestWest healthcare partners and Long Alliantie Nederland.

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