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Emma’s primary goal is to support people with chronic illnesses, to help them manage their illness, to help them exercise more and to help them take their medication correctly. To do this properly, our system needs to use and store data about your measured parameters, your medicines and intake moments.

If you have given others access to your data by means of a unique token, they are able to see your data – through their own account – and depending on their specific access rights they can edit your settings. You as a user can withdraw those rights for any person at any time.

It is possible we will use intake data and personal characteristics in anonymous form to be used in therapy adherence research. You have given your consent by accepting the terms of use of Emma. In case you do not want this future use of anonomised data, we can remove your data from our systems on your request at any point in time.


Our servers make use of extensive firewalls and use the newest version of server operating system software. User passwords are stored encrypted. We use the secure https protocol for the most important communication between user, devices and our servers, for both the smartphone apps and browswers. Intake data are stored in anonimised tables in our databases.

Dutch Data Protection Authority

The Emma database is registered at the Dutch DPA (Dutch Data Protection Authority) under registration m158268.

Google Analytics and cookies

We make use of Google Analytics. This use is anonymous and therefore does not fall under the GDPR. 

 IP-adresses are anonimised and no User IDs are saved. 

We make use of functional cookies on this website. Wij maken op deze website gebruik van functionele cookies. This use is anonymous and therefore does not fall under the GDPR. 

Right to be forgotten

You have the right to ask for insight into, correction of or deletion of your data. Please contact us through our contact page.

Requested rights for the app on your phone

Photo-, media- and file access is used to set your profile picture, to enclose files to messages that you share with your own community and to upload smartwatch-app files to your smartwatch. Technical information about your phone and synchronisation are used to improve the functioning of the app on devices of several different suppliers. The app needs internet access in order to communicate with the Emma server. The camera is used when you take a profile picture, when you need to video call or when you need to take a picture of (for example) your medication or other aid.


If you have questions about Emma, want to propose new functionality of report a bug? Mail us at Medicine Men B.V. is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 63124939.

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