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Version: 14-06-2022

Viduets primary purpose of use is to support patients with a chronic illness. Within this so-called E-health Supported Self-Management Viduet offers you one or more interventions with which you can better manage your health. In order to do this effectively and safely, measured parameters such as your blood pressure, activity and/or answers to questionnaires must be used and stored in our systems.

If you have given permission to another person to view your data via a unique code, he/she can – via a personal Viduet account – view your data and, depending on his/her access rights, adjust settings. You can revoke an access right from another person at any time via the Viduet app or the Viduet dashboard.

We may use certain data and personal characteristics for research in the future. This will be done in anonymized form. You have given permission for this form of use in the terms of use. If you do not want this, you can request that your data be removed from our systems at any time. Furthermore it is possible we use certain data for improving the platform. Likewise, if you do not want this, you can request that your data be removed from our systems at any time.


Our servers are equipped with extensive firewalls and use the latest versions of the operating software. User passwords are stored encrypted. We use the secure https protocol for the most important data connections between the user and our servers, both for the smartphone apps and browsers.

Google Analytics and cookies

We use Google Analytics. This use is anonymous and therefore does not fall under the GDPR. IP addresses are anonymized and no User IDs are stored.

We use functional cookies on this website. This use is anonymous and therefore does not fall under the GDPR.

Your rights

You have the right of access, oblivion, rectification and/or addition, data portability, limitation of processing, a human view of the processing and the right to object to the data processing. To submit such a request, please contact us. See the contact page for this. We will respond to your requests within 4 weeks.

If insufficient information has been provided with your request, we have the right to request more information in order to be able to comply with the request.

On the basis of Article 12 paragraph 5 of the GDPR, we can charge costs or refuse the request if the request is unfounded or excessive.

If you do not agree with the answer you receive from us, you can submit a complaint about this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Basis for processing

We process your data on the basis of your consent. In some cases, we also process your data on the basis of to perform an agreement with your healthcare provider

Purposes of processing your data

We process your data for the following purposes:

  • being able to create an account
  • can contact you for support
  • the ability to deliver equipment

Requested permissions for the app on your phone

Photo, media, and file access are used to set your profile picture, attach to posts you share with your own community, and upload smartwatch app files to a smartwatch. Technical information about your phone and synchronization are used to improve the operation of the app on devices from different vendors and models. The app requires Internet access to communicate with the Viduet server. The camera is used when you want to take a profile picture yourself, make video calls and take pictures of, for example, your medication or aid. Bluetooth and location are asked when your phone needs to connect to equipment. We do not process location data.

Sharing your data with third parties

Within Viduet you can decide with whom you share your data. This is done via a so-called community in which you can add someone. You can decide to remove someone from your community at any time.

Outside of Viduet, ​​your data is not simply shared with third parties by us. If this happens, it will always be in anonymized form, unless this is not possible for the purpose. If this cannot be done in anonymized form, you will be notified separately and also asked for permission.

Retention period of your data

We do not store your data for longer than is strictly necessary to achieve the goals. You can submit a request to delete your data at any time. For this you can contact us via the contact page.


Do you have questions about Viduet, ​​would you like to make a suggestion for a functionality or report a bug? Mail this to

Medicine Men B.V. is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 63124939.

Medicine Men B.V. is located at Papendorpseweg 53-59, 3528 BJ in Utrecht. Our telephone number is 085-1307020.

Our data protection officer is Jasper Modderaar. You can contact us by e-mail via

In some cases Viduet processes your data on behalf of your healthcare provider/agency. If you have any questions, comments or requests, you should contact the controller, which is often your healthcare provider/agency or the person as stated in the agreement with them.

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