UMC Utrecht scales up Hypertension care path through Emma

UMC Utrecht has begun scaling up the Hypertension Care Pathway with support from Emma. This means that Emma will henceforth be standard practice in patients with complex hypertension. UMC Utrecht’s decision to scale up the Hypertension Care Pathway through Emma is a great continuation of the collaboration that Medicine Men and UMC Utrecht started in 2018.

In 2018, we collaborated with Dr. Wilko Spiering and Jean-Paul Vendeville of UMC Utrecht developed our EmmaHBPM application. This application enables patients to measure their blood pressure at home in full compliance with European and Dutch hypertension guidelines. Partly because the protocolled home blood pressure measurement fits so well with hypertension guidelines, Dutch insurers decided several years ago to reimburse EmmaHBPM as an alternative to conventional 24-hour measurement. In particular, general medical practices within all of the Netherlands make extensive use of it.

Although EmmaHBPM has been used within the Department of Internal Medicine at UMC Utrecht until now, it has now been decided that its use will henceforth be the standard in patients with complex hypertension. The home blood pressure measurement as we know it within EmmaHBPM is matched to the hospital setting for this purpose. Key benefits to the new way of working are:

  • More efficient care because patients need to come to the hospital less often and consultations can be used more effectively thanks to home measurements.
  • Better care, because Emma gives doctors more insight into patients’ blood pressure, their medication can also be adjusted better and faster.
  • HIX connection: the connection between Chipsoft’s HiX electronic patient record and Emma makes the implementation of Emma within the hospital setting that much easier.
  • Different variations of the care pathway, depending on the patient’s situation.

The scale-up of Emma within UMC Utrecht for hypertension patients is led by Martine Breteler, PhD in wearables & wireless monitoring. The new Hypertension Care Pathway is easily deployable in any other hospital.

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