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Field of application


Field of application

Viduet provides a platform for multiple fields of application

The Viduet Platform is deployable in many fields of application within healthcare. 

With Viduet, patients and their health professionals work together optimally in managing the afflictions of the patient. When they have been included in their own health care path, patients can connect new health professionals themselves. There are no limits of location or organisation. 

The Viduet platform in your field of application

Viduet can be used in the following areas of application. Take a look at the underlying pages for more information per area of application.


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With 40 existing care paths, Viduet can be used throughout the entire hospital. Where every organization is different, Viduet offers the possibility to easily adapt care paths to the wishes of your department or hospital. With Viduet you save time by giving your patients more control in a responsible way.

General practice

Viduet is a self-management platform that helps general practitioners, assistants and practice nurses to organize chronic care in a future-proof way. With Viduet you give your chronically ill patients more control over their health. This way your team has more time for medical matters.

Integrated care

The architecture of the Viduet platform is extremely suitable for setting up transmural care pathways. This not only makes referrals between primary and secondary care organizations easier, but also promotes the entire collaboration between care organizations within a region.

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