First multicentre hospital project in Germany for Emma soon to be launched

We’re taking off in Germany! After our selection for the EIT Health Bridgehead program, we are now also taking the next step: we will start a project in Germany. During this project, COPD patients will use EmmaCOPD. These patients will be included by the St. Marien-Hospital in Cologne.

The project
The project is supported by the RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) and NBSO Stuttgart. Patients, under the guidance of their healthcare provider, will use EmmaCOPD during the project. EmmaCOPD helps patients with COPD to recognize lung attacks faster and respond appropriately. Also, EmmaCOPD helps patients maintain their muscle mass. This is possible with the Activity Coaching software that has been developed by Medicine Men for the smartwatch. 

The effectiveness of EmmaCOPD was investigated by The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) during a multi-year validation study. This study showed a statistically significant reduction of hospitalization days of 79%. Where possible, we will perfect EmmaCOPD during the project to optimize the value addition of EmmaCOPD in German local conditions.

St. Marien-Hospital
The majority of patients are included at St. Marien-Hospital. The St. Marien Hospital, in downtown Cologne has 226 hospital beds and 40 rehabilitation beds. Annually, 6,000 patients are admitted to the hospital and 10,000 outpatients are cared for by 546 employees. The focal points of medical care are the departments of internal medicine with a focus on pulmonary diseases and internal rheumatology, geriatrics, as well as neurological and interdisciplinary early rehabilitation. They use the motto “People in Good Hands” which supports them in their daily work.

They closely collaborate with MVZ Bergheim, the Medical Care Center at Maria Hilf-Hospital in Bergheim. In addition, the hospital is part of a hospital network, the Cellitinnen zur heiligen Maria. In this way, more care can be offered and the range of treatments can be broadened. This network also includes the pneumology department of the Petrus Hospital in Wuppertal and the Wuppertal-based medical supply center.

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