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Introduction of Viduet

A whole new name and style for Emma

We are delighted that as June 13, our platform name has changed from Emma to Viduet. This name change is part of our new branding strategy for the platform and stems from the tremendous growth we have experienced in recent years.

In addition to the introduction of the Viduet name, the corporate identity of the dashboards, patient app and website has been revamped. With this new name, we want to present the platform as a total solution for first- and secondary healthcare organizations.

Below we summarize the key points:

New name and logo
The introduction of Viduet means that users will now have to deal with a new name and logo.

New colors, with better contrast
At Medicine Men, we place great importance on the accessibility of our products. The introduction of Viduet immediately introduced a new corporate identity. This corporate identity uses new colors that provide improved contrasts in our app and our dashboards. Also, these colors are chosen so that people with color blindness can better distinguish the parts. In this way, we hope to make our platform even more accessible to all our users.

The same functionalities
Although much seems to have changed, the functionalities remain unchanged. This way, you can continue to use Viduet in the same way.

Do you have a questions about these changes? Please feel free to contact us.

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