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Network care

* this website is under construction

Viduet facilitates integrated care

* this website is under construction

In the coming years, some of the care that takes place in hospitals will shift to primary care, or even to the patient with his informal caregivers. It is no coincidence that this care now takes place in the hospital. It usually concerns patients and conditions that are complex in nature, and where it is important that a specialist is involved in treatment or monitoring. 


Viduet supports the transfer of care to other care providers or to home, without deteriorating patient safety or quality of support. 


Below you can find an overview of disease areas for which Viduet already provides integrated care pathways.

Viduet provides an integrated care platform for the entire region:

  • Move care to the right place
  • Give the patient control over his own health
  • Facilitates referrals between primary and secondary care
  • Connected with multiple EHR-systems

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